Our History

Where we have been.

Marlyn Jewelers is a third generation family owned full service jewelry store. The store had very humble beginnings.  My grandfather, Frank Hendrickson, went to watch making school before World War II. He then joined the Navy during and worked on airplane instruments on an aircraft carrier.  After the war, he started Marlyn jewelers in a window of a Capitol Cleaners.  The original location was just north of downtown Dayton near Ridge and Main Street.  As the store grew over time he moved in beside the Dale Theater and then into Forest Park shopping center when it opened in 1960.  The store remained a staple in the shopping center for over 40 years.  In 2001 we move to the Northmont area and ended up in our current location in Randolph Plaza.  We love servicing the Northmont area and hope to continue for generations to come.

Who we are.

A question we are often asked is where did the name Marlyn come from.   My grandfather had a business partner when he first started, and his wife's name was Martha.  My grandmothers name was Evelyn.  Combining the Mar and the lyn they came up with the name Marlyn.  When he started Marlyn Jewelers my grandfather did it with two principles in mind, supplying superior customer service and offering quality jewelry. 

When my dad, Ron Hendrickson, joined the business in the 1970's he saw a need for adding jewelry repair to the business to better serve our customers.  He went to jewelry repair school and graduated from the Geological Institute of America in diamond and gemstone grading.  We strive to offer the same superior customer service and quality in our repairs that my grandfather instilled into the business. There are now three jewelers at the store with nearly 100 years of combined experience.  This experience gives us a unique perspective into the jewelry we sell as well.  While repairing jewelry we learn what does and does not stand the test of time.  We apply this knowledge to the Jewelry we carry and strive offer pieces that will last for generations. 

I joined the team in 2010 and hope to continue the tradition of superior customer service and quality jewelry that the Marlyn name has represented for generations.   

We strive to be different and set apart from other stores.  One of the biggest ways we do this is by having jewelers on site.  Whether you need a jeweler to expertly design your custom engagement ring or repair your broken chain we are here for you.  If you have questions we have people with the knowledge and expertise to answer them. Our jewelry also stands out.  All of our jewelry is hand picked for its unique designs and durability.

Where we are going.

As we strive to implement new technology into our business we will always stand firm to our founding principles of superior customer service and quality jewelry.  In recent years we have implemented new technology into our shop and custom design. We have also brought in a couple new and inovative designers. Continue to check for back for updates to our website as well!

 We hope to see you in store and look forward to growing with our community.


Isaac Hendrickson